"The Role of the teacher" by Irving layton.

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In our society today, many students do very poorly in school. But what is the reason for this? In Irving Layton's essay 'The Role of The Teacher' he believes that teachers shouldn't be fully blamed, and that one of main reasons why students do poorly in school are due to the cut backs and poor judgment of the school boards. Also he believes that the society has done their part to help shape our present and current students. Another main factor he discusses about is how the teacher should be teaching the students how to learn, open their minds and prepare for the future. I do agree with agree with Irving Layton, but to a certain extent. The school boards and the society do play a role in the learning process of a student, but I believe that the main factors are the students themselves and the teachers.

The choice of whether a student wants to learn is totally up to him or her. Some students do try to succeed in school and receive the education, while others just don't care about their future and their level of education. In every class, there are always the select few of students who are superior and do very well who achieve high grades. These students are usually the ones that participate in class, do their homework, and most importantly, those who try and give an effort. Oppositely, there are some who are at the end of the line who do very poorly, and do not try to succeed at all. They have just given up without even giving a pinch of effort. These students then usually complain that the teacher is being unfair and puts the blame on the teacher, when they have done nothing productive. But on the other...