Role Of Women in Greek Mythology

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The role of female characters in Greek mythology was to be held as an object for lust.

One reason why this is held true is that many gods have used women portraying that. On the other hand, another reason is that many men have also used women as an object of lust which is depicted in many myths.

When Zeus, who is married to Hera, decides he is bored he goes down to Earth and find a beautiful person to satisfy his lust. One example was the story of Zeus & Leto. Zeus had to pursue her and when he finally did they both produced Apollo and Artemis, from which we have many stories. Another major instance involving Zeus is when he wanted a beautiful maiden named Danae who was a princess. Zeus only used her for his desire and only that. Danae was the object of that lust and from their union came Perseus and along with that a whole tale about him.

A different god who had the same idea in mind was Poseidon and his desire, Aethra who was suppusedly raped by him. Poseidon went to that extent to satisfy his lust and he clearly did not care for her much because he abandoned her and only came to help when their son Theseus needed help. It was not a question of love for these examples, only lust.

On the other hand, men in Greek myths also depict of how women are used as an object of lust. An instance of this occurred in the Greek myth of Pygmalion. He was an expert sculptor of marble who was adored by all. However, he also had an object of lust as well. He created a statue whose name was Galatea. She was litrelly an object of lust.