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If we want to teach students to be responsible, we have to be able to trust them with responsibilities. Teams in the classroom incorporates jobs that are an effective way to enlist students in the duties of running a team and utilizing teamwork in order to achieve a common goal. Both students and teachers love working in groups. Students love this system because they will be responsible for a certain task that not only helps them but helps their teammates as a whole. Teachers love it because, not only will the system eliminate a few things from their “To Do Lists,” (Lewis, 2004, para.3) like teaching a subject or grading more papers, but they can also watch students rise to the occasion and learn how to be responsible for their own actions and take on responsibility at the same time.

Forming a TeamIn a classroom, students have the opportunity to form a group that will end up becoming a team in order to achieve a common goal.

A few examples of the types of roles, weather it is the leader, conflict manager, or secretary, must be given in order to direct the team roles and responsibilities in the right direction. Responsibility must be made clear that, when one accepts a job, one will have to take it very seriously. If a student does not meet their commitments, they can and will be "fired" (Lewis, 2004, para.4) from the job and held accountable to the highest standard of the team.

Decide on the DutiesThere are hundreds of things that need to be done in order to run a successful and efficient team. There are only a couple of things that a teacher can trust the students to handle and be responsible for. One is forming a team. Once groups have...