Roles of a modern firefighter.

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When a person thinks of a firefighter, the first thing that comes to mind is a person who puts out fires. That is only true in the early history of fire fighting which dates back all the way to 300B.C in the Roman Empire. It was not until 872 when the first fire regulations were created in England. Ever since than, the functions of fire fighting were constantly being modernized to keep us safe by learning from past mistakes. To where the modern fire house of today is more than a fire stopper. The modern fire house has many roles today such as serving community, teaching, forest fires, saving lives, and even search and rescue.

There are many other disasters other than fires; one for example is the recent hurricane Ivan. With the majority of southern America left in ruins, millions of people are left helpless. But thanks to brave firefighters they are doing as much as they can to help clean up.

Ivan even affected Tennessee, where firefighters there are doing their best to clean up fallen trees that are blocking roadways, and doing their best to restore power throughout the community. Firefighters also help out in the community in local food drives, parades, and even carnivals. Every Fourth of July the firefighters in almost every city and town take time to help out with parades, and even to teach some dangers about setting off fireworks incorrectly. Firefighters also take time to visit hospitals and put smiles on sick children's faces.

In addition to being great help to our communities they are also great teachers. Being an alumni of Prospect High School, I remember when it was a week before prom and the Mount Prospect fire department came to teach us the consequences of drunk driving. It was a...