The Roles of Today's Pharmacists

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My name is Deborah and the topic that I have chosen to inform you all on is a pharmacist. There are three main points I would like to address during the course of this speech. The first is the educational requirements, and then specifically two types of pharmacists.

In the past few years, the education requirements for becoming a pharmacist have changed. Almost all programs offer the Doctor of Pharmacy degree more commonly known as the pharmD degree. There are four pharmacy schools in Texas and all four offer this. I will be citing my information from the UT College of Pharmacy Handbook. In order to apply to the program, the applicant must have completed sixty credit hours of pre-req. The pre-reqs consist of all the basic sciences such as biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology. In all, it's a six year program with the sixty credit hours being the required two years of pre-pharmacy.

In addition to the 60 hours, and this is true for every program, every applicant must have taken The Pharmacy College Admissions Test or PCAT. It is similar to the MCAT for medical school or the DAT for dental school, in that it contains chemistry, biology, reading, quantitative skills, and verbal skills sections. The test is about three hours long and is pretty difficult. A certain percentage must be scored in order to get an interview at some colleges and at others you just need a competitive score. After completion of the test, the necessary pre-reqs, an interview with your school of choice and admission, the real work begins.

There are four years of professional study left in the program. The four years consist of classes devoted to the study of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, admin, and medicinal chemistry in the first year. Second year discusses disease states...