Roles on Woman in Iliad and Anied

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The roles of women and men have always differed to some extent through out history. In Greeks society women were not allowed to interfere in political or any matter other than their household work. Pride and gender differences play an important role in the Greek culture. Women in Greek Society don't have any rights. The Greeks admired the women who do household work and who stay quiet. Greeks do not like to hear a woman's view or want any woman to speak up in front of them. We acquire many messages from both of the tragedy and we understand the Greeks point of view. In both Greek tragedies Sophocles' Antigone and Euripides' Medea we see that men perceptibly had the upper hand and women were considered the minorities. These are the tragedies, which show how woman come out of the moral codes of a society and go against the Customary laws.

Antigone and Medea are the vital characters in both of the tragedies. There are many similarities as well as differences between these two characters.

Antigone is a stubborn young girl and she is precise in her manner. She wanted to give her brother a proper burial. King Creon doesn't want to give him a proper burial because he was a traitor. The tragedy is about the refusal of a ruler to listen to the voice of a woman. Even though she knew that Creon could punish her, which can cause her to lose her life, but she didn't care and went ahead to give a proper burial to her brother. Antigone considered that the steps she took were done for the right motive. Antigone said, " There is nothing shameful in honoring my brother (line 512)." She believed that burying her brother is honorably and morally right. She...