The Roles of Women: America and the Middle East.

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What defines a woman? Is it as simplistic as a sentient being capable of giving life; or perhaps it is much more than that. The very definition of a woman varies from place to place, culture to culture. In this instance, I will be discussing American women and Middle Eastern women.

The general American woman today has labored hard for the rights they now possess. Women work hard and are considered as equals as they can perform any job that a man can. The Roles of the modern American woman are many. Women are, not always, the main caretakers for the young. They can also have the role of employee, moral supporter, it's almost limitless. The main difference between A Middle Eastern and American woman is choice. Americans have the choice to take on the roles that they do. Middle Eastern women have no real say in the matter, and they are considered subservient.

Theirs is a charge of taking care of the children or family members, preparing meals

and maintaining households while husbands work and make money; women aren't allowed to. Another difference between the two is attire. Back in the 1950's, American women could not wear certain items deemed as "too revealing". Today, they are free to wear whatever they want. To express ones self is to exercise our constitutional rights to freedom. Middle Eastern women too have clothing restrictions, but their garments are so called heaven mandates. Muslim women are force to wear a veil over their faces called a Hijaab. The purpose of a Hijaab is for security outside of the home in the presence of strange men. It's protection, the God Allah mandates that women should not be on display to others. Wearing this garment clearly states that one is an obedient servant of...