Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

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In this amazing novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor, presents the lives of the sharecroppers and land owners of early Mississippi with such real characters and a credible plot. The story starts off mellow with everyday life but soon it develops into a strong literature piece in which the characters must reveal the depth of their being.

In Roll of Thunder, Cassie is telling you the story from her point of view. She is daughter of David and Mary Logan and sister to Stacey, Christopher-John and Chester Clay. Cassie is a little girl with an outstanding pride in her family and land. She believes all hatred towards blacks is incredibly stupid and degrading. Cassie is also very compassionate and that is the point of view from which she is telling her story from. She grudgingly understands her "place" in life and uses this knowledge to her benefit.

This novel takes place in the Deep South, in Mississippi. The year is 1933, where the population lives in a tense, segregated society. The mood of this novel creates many conflicts because of the fact that they live in a racist community. The physical differences in the structures demonstrate the cultural - as well as physical - divide which separates black and white society in the 1930s. They also separate the children for school and give the black school less then they deserve. They also have to put up with hurtful racial slurs and crap. Although they all have nothing to their name, the "whites" feel superior because of their skin color. The children must live with the constant fear that they might be pointed out or ridiculed because of their race, as generations before them.

The characters in this story are extremely realistic.