Roller Blading

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Rollerblading is one of the easiest active one can pursue. All you need is a good sense of balance. There are rollerblades for every personality. There are rollerblades for cross country. Rollerblades designed for doing extreme tricks, hockey, and speed skating. My personal favorites are the speed blades.

For me rollerblading is the closest I can get to flying. When you strap them on and give yourself the first push off you can immediately fell thrill consume you. You can feel the wind pushing against you and see the street lines become narrower. When reaching high speeds the thought that one mistake can cost you serious injury adds to the risk.

I do not only rollerblade for the adventure but also the mental clarity. When I rollerblade all I concentrate on is going as fast as I can and not hitting the floor. When I really become focused I am not thinking of anything.

The sound of my wheels rolling across the smooth pavement clears my mind and allows me to reach a level of nirvana without the hassle of meditation. I consider myself lucky to rollerblade every chance I get because it is the only thing that is not forced on me.

Rollerblading is an activity anyone can pursue if they give it a chance. You do not have to become a rollerblade guru to enjoy the fresh air, warm sun, and the feel of gliding across the street. It is the one thing I do just because I love it.