The Roller Coaster Of Life

Essay by muff_puff69Junior High, 9th grade February 2004

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The Roller Coaster Of Life

WARNING: This is Trent's journal and if you (an invader of personal privacy) are reading this, I would strongly suggest you close it, put it down, and forget you ever saw these pieces of paper AND IF YOU DON'T: violent and painful punishments will be rewarded.

About Me

I am 15 years old, live in the suburb of Subiaco in Perth, my birthday is July 14th (Bastille Day in France). I am Italian Spanish, have brown skin, brown hair, blue/grey eyes and very fat, well that's what I think any way. I have two twin little sisters. I think little sister has to be Spanish for the most annoying little brats that have ever stepped foot on this earth, or anywhere in the universe for that matter!

Yesterday I came home from school, was sitting peacefully in my room doing my homework when suddenly Sarah barges in, starts kicking and screaming, and crying while pulling my hair so hard, I'm surprised I haven't suffered from some long term hair losses.

Well anyway she was accusing me of stealing her newborn baby doll, the kind that wets itself unexpectedly. As if I would have any need for an unstable water bomb ready to burst! After about an hour of looking the newborn was found head first in the toilet after Jane had rushed it to the toilet just in time but accidentally slipping on the smooth toilet seat. She denied it but we all knew she was lying because she never looks you in the eye when she lies.

Anyway enough about the brats. My best friend Russ is really into chicks (well not that I'm not) but you know what I mean. I have been a good friend with Russ ever since we where...