Roman and Greek Art

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Roman and Greek Art

Greek and Roman art even though are very similar in the ways they were made and the materials that were used to make them are vastly different in many ways and have very different meanings in history.

The Temple of Athena (427-424 BCE) and the Colosseum (72-80 CE)

Even with all the similarities in these two works of art, they are still very different as well. They are however considered to be a classical form of art. They both are three dimensional works of art as well. However each different work of art was constructed of different materials.

The Temple of Athena was constructed of large​ grained grey-blue local marble and was built in ionic style architecture. While the Colosseum was built from Travertine limestone, Tuff or Tufo which is a porous stone, cement, tiles, bricks, marble, lead and terra-cotta pipes. The construction of The Temple of Athena was not built as The Colosseum was they did not use cement or mortar to hold it together.

I was held together by clamps, dowels and carefully quarried and measured marble which were cut within a millimeter to make sure the pieces fit together perfectly. The Colosseum on the other hand was constructed using many stonemasons and it was all cemented together using the mortar that they had themselves developed. Many of the parts to The Colosseum like stairs and seats were constructed off cite and then later brought to The Colosseum upon completion. The Temple of Athena was designed with many different colors such as gold, silver, red and blue. While the Roman Colosseum had a vast number of colors in it from gold, to yellow, blue, red, green, silver and gray.

Each of these works of art The Temple of Athena and The Colosseum would...