How Was Roman Architecture More Alborate Than The

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The Roman useage of the arch in collaberation with the vaulted dome helped to make their buildings much more elaborate than their predicessers, the Greeks. While the greeks made beautiful usage of columns and elaborate exterior carvings, the Roman arches and vaults proved more difficult to construct and are quite more pleasing to the eye. Though the columns used in Greece had quite decorative touches to them such as their Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric stylings the arch allowed for much more artistic room. The Arch de Triumph in France (contructed for Napoleon's troops many victories) is a perfect example of just how much more eye appealing an arch can be. The arch was invented pre-rome -- but the Romans pioneered its many uses. As simple a thing as it is it can be used for holding up thousands of gallons of drinking water from near by reservoirs or just for art.

The effect of the Roman arch and vaulted dome can be seen even today still! The Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC uses a vaulted dome for it's roof, along with ionic styled columns. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, New York uses the arch right on it's two casons. In Las Vegas Neveda, the inside changing sky is one long arch. Even the Chunnel connecting Britan to France is an arch. If you have ever looked at an observatory you probably noticed the shape of the roof, yet another excellent example of domes. Finally one of the best examples of domes are the "onion domes" on the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Yes, while the classic Greek styled Kouros (realastic looking statue) are still used today in many new age buildings to help add that contemporary feeling, you dont remember them quite as well as Bielawa 1...