Roman Catholic Vs. Morman

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Roman Catholic vs. Mormon Roman Catholic and Mormon are two very different types of religion, but at the same time they share some of the same customs and beliefs. The world today, is filled with many different types of religions and cultures; some people say that they are all branches off of one main religion, which is most commonly theirs. The following paper does not show which of the following religions is better; it simply states the facts on both and compares them to each other. Religions have lots of different topics and views on certain things; the following 2 points are just a small chunk of the big picture. Roman Catholic and Mormon religions are split into two categories, one: The History from their beginning till now and the different rules that both of the two religions have.

The Roman Catholic religion was developed in about 25 A.D. Peter, the apostle, is believed to be the founder, when in actuality it was Jesus Christ himself.

Peter's writings are the only exact interpretations of events that took place, but the reason for that is Peter was Jesus' right hand man, he went with Jesus everywhere. Peter does not mention once in his writings that he was the founder of Catholicism, because he wasn't. Jesus started Catholicism in his teenage years, he taught the apostles all about the religion, hoping someday that it would be the only one that existed on earth. Jesus slowly spread the word about the new religion, but he could only be at so many places at one time, so it took a while for it to get big. After Jesus' death and resurrection, the apostles spread the word and before long Catholicism started to grow. At first kings and lords viewed the new religion as devil...