Roman civilization

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Roman Civilization

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Roman Civilization


Romans greatly influenced Western civilization; ideas that mostly mixed and matched from other civilizations and cultures to make their own. Since the beginning of civilization and the human race has spread, grown, flower, and burn, and this cycle reciprocating likely that you do not end until the depletion of the earth's resources (Woolf 2003). All civilizations would have liked to live in the Empire of Rome because society was so complex and respectable; being specifically that the government was very organized and decisive (Mattingly 2011).


Roman civilization was very complex compared to most other civilizations in the same time period; on the other hand the complexity of the behavior of the port generates a wimp. It was also the largest civilization in Europe, and had a military force to be reckoned with. Significant progress in the field of IT made life easier and more fun than that for noble than the average citizen (Potter and Mattingly 1999).

Rome was the empire bad side as well as good, with development came with the corruption and neglect that.

Roman Empire fell apart for several reasons; one is that it has expanded to the point of being difficult to supplies of ships and troops to the borders of the empire. Also, the fact that the barbarians were attacking the borders of the Empire State does not help things (Scurman and Malam 2010). Because it was the leaders of the Roman Empire too busy entertaining themselves with wine and women to manage the situation in the cities and the country's government fell quickly to separate sections and began fighting each other. What happened to the empire of Rome did not get any since civilizations far as we know to...