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what kinds of food did the romans eat?

Romans first ate porridge and boiled meat. But then they began using other cooking styles from

different cultures, so they started eating; fish, roasted meats basted with honey and alot of fruits

and vegetables.

What cooking utensils did they have?

The romans used baking pans, frying pans, water heaters, spoons and knives.

What were the different meals of the day called?

there were three meals like we have today;

breakfast was called ientaculum which was bread dipped in wine.

lunch was called prandium this was bread, fruit, cheese and some left overs from dinner the night before.

Cena is what we now call Dinner. Cena had three courses, the gustus was the appetizer. the appetizer was

salad, eggs, shellfish, mushrooms etc.

The second course was called the lena, this was pork, poultry, fish and exotic birds, served with vegetables.

The last course is called the secundae mensae or second meal in this meal fruits, honey cakes, wine etc.

were served.

What special sauces and beverages did they have?

A sauce that was used alot was liquamen. this was made by soaking small fish with water and salt and 6 months

of waiting. The beverages that were very comon were water and wine. And sometimes they made a sweeter wine

called mulsum, there was only a bit of honey added.

Was the poormans diet different from the richmans diet?

poor= lucky for even one meal a day

rich= had banquets called orgies that could have as many as 7 courses.

common people= simple everyday foods

how did they take care of sticky/greasy fingers?

The slaves came in with a bowl of water and towels for the people to wash their hands in.

Where did the romans eat?

The adults sat at...