Roman Gods

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Roman GodsThe ancient Romans were a polytheistic nation. This means that they worshipped many different gods. They used gods to explain the different things that they did not know. The Romans' religion was a mix of Latin and Greek gods. The Pantheon, or all the Roman gods, was the name Romans gave to the entire group of gods.

Hades, also called Pluto, was the god of the dead. When people would die, they would go to the underworld. Cyclopes made Hades a helmet that could make him invisible. Hades owned the riches of the earth and was therefore referred to as 'The Rich One'. Of all the different gods, Hades was the least liked. Even the other gods did not like him.

Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts, dying, science and trade. She was born in an odd way. One day, Jupiter had a very bad headache that would not go away.

Vulcan, the blacksmith of the gods, split open his head. When Jupiter's head was split open, Minerva jumped out in full armor with a spear.

Minerva helped the hero, Perseus, to kill the gorgon Medusa, who was a monster with snakes instead of hair. When people would look at Medusa directly, they would turn to stone. Minerva told Perseus to look at Medusa with a mirror. By using a mirror, Perseus slayed the gorgon. He gave the gorgon's head to Minerva. Minerva put the head on her shield so that her enemies would turn to stone.

Jupiter was the supreme god of the Roman gods. He was called the 'Shining Father'. Jupiter was the god of light and the sky. Jupiter was the exact same as the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter threw lightning bolts made by the blacksmith, Vulcan. Jupiter's temple was the...