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As a new civilization was being created by the Romans, they were influenced by the unique and astonishing ideas of the Greeks to start their new culture. Ancient Greece was one of the first civilizations that was focusing on an important success. The Greeks began one of the biggest civilizations in the Mediterranean world. Then it was conquered by the famous Alexander the Great. He was impressed by the Greek civilization and he spread it through the land east of Greece. Then the city of Rome was born and their power began to increase.

When the city of Rome was first born, it was very small and weak. However, the Roman army became stronger and started conquering countries like Macedonia, southern Gaul, parts of Spain, and then Greece. After capturing Greece, Rome was introduced to the advanced learning of Hellenistic civilization. The Romans created fortified cities, and learned how to grow grapes and olives.

They also adopted the Etruscan alphabet which was borrowed from the Greeks. Greek tutors were sent to Rome to educate children of the wealthy families. Romans also believed in gods who were similar to the Greek gods Zeus, and Aphrodite. The question is why did they decide to borrow and adopt most of the Greek culture. After the Egyptians, the Greeks made the advancements in laws, society, science, and technology. If you look at the geography of Greece and Rome, it appears to be very similar. They are both surrounded by the Mediterranean waters and are located in mountainous regions. If the Greeks developed a culture according to the geography the Romans should be able to use the Greek culture because their locations are almost exactly alike. Many of the Greeks scientists were also very smart and they came up with many theories, however most...