The Roman Republic - What it consisted of, and how it was formed.

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The Roman Republic

After the monarchy ended around 509 BC, the roman culture formed a republic that led to many changes that influenced the people and life as it were.

In the roman republic there were 2 consuls who acted as chief generals/commanders as well as law enforcers, and were elected for one year terms. A senate was formed of 300 of the older aristocrats and nobles, who were elected for life, and were chosen by the Censors. There were 2 Censors who would set taxes, and were responsible for the separating of classes. Censors and Consuls were chosen by an assembly called: Comitia Centriata, which was like the general assembly of Greece, and consisted of all male citizens of military age. Also 6 Praetors or judges were appointed for 2 year terms, and would by chosen by the censors. Around the 1st century BC, Proconsuls were chosen for 5 year terms, to govern the different provinces that were being formed for the vast empire.

Now, to be elected consul you would almost have to "buy" votes by bribing people, or sponsor games or build baths which would gain you popularity; because to be able to be a proconsul you had first to be a consul. Then in 494 BC, an office was demanded by the plebeians, who went on strike and threatened to form their own city. From this 10 Tribunes were formed, each elected for 1 year, and whose purpose was to protect the rights of the plebeians. A new general assembly was formed called the: Comitia Tribunata, whose duty it was to elect these tribunes. Tribunes couldn't be in the senate and couldn't debate but they did have the power of veto over any bill. Each tribune was required that their door stay open to anyone...