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There is much controversy when determining whether Roman rule benefited the entire empire, or just the city of Rome and Italy. There are more facts that point toward Roman rule benefiting the whole empire, not just Rome and Italy. The roads built throughout the empire were an advantage to everyone, the education system was fair to Roman children, and trading was active all over the Roman Empire.

Roads built by the Roman army throughout the empire assisted everyone who was in the empire. "These technological advantages made the shipment of goods across land much easier." Food, clothing, and other necessities were needed in densely populated areas of the empire; the roads made it so much easier to get these items from one place to another. Roman roads were one of the ways in which the empire was able to achieve military success. They enabled the army to efficiently travel to places faster, which helped to aid the citizens incase of possible invasions.

These roads allowed merchants a safer and easier way to travel from town to town, in the empire. "From the southeastern corner of the empire, the Romans imported many dyes for clothing and make-up from the Near East." There were large fortresses built along the roads, in order to make sure merchants and their belongings would not be harmed. The roads benefited all citizens in the empire, since the roads assisted in delivering goods, directing the army, and protecting merchants.

The Roman education system was fair to the children in the entire empire. Literacy was extremely important in these days for everyone in the Roman Empire. "The first thing Roman children had to learn was how to read and write. The written word was all around them in public buildings." Families were given choices of how their children...