How The Romans Lived

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How The Romans Lived The Romans lived in Rome, Italy, by the Mediterranean Sea. They lived under different rulers at different times (that the Roman Empire was at their best). The Romans lived in beautiful cities with some buildings that still stand today.

Rome was located in Rome, Italy. Italy was a long piece of land that was next to France and the Mediterranean Sea. Rome was pretty much by itself, except for some major cities around the Mediterranean Sea like Jersusulem, Alexandria, and Carthagae.

The Romans had many laws that was called the Law of the Twelve Tables. These laws were written in about 450 B.C. Over a period of time, a set of legal principles were developed to help govern all the people under the Roman rule. The Romas lawyers called the set of principles the jus gentium (which means law of nations). The jus gentium was based on common-sense nations of fairness (www.

The first Romans believed that gods and goddesses had power over all aspects of daily life. Around the 300's B.C., the Romans began to worship Greek gods and goddesses. The Romans gave the Greek gods Roman names and built temples and shrines in their honor.

The government controlled the religion of ancient Rome. The government officials were priests who were either elected or appointed to office. Around A.D. 100 most Romans lost interest in their religion, and became attracted to the religions of the Middle East. Christianity was a religion that promised salvation and happiness after death, and for that it attracted many followers.

The Roman Empire had about fifty to seventy million people at the most. There was about one million people who lived in Rome and five to six lived in the rest of Italy. The people...