A Romantic Hero

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A romantic hero In today's standards a romantic hero is someone who opens doors, pulls out chairs, buys dinner, and sends you flowers. However, in Edmond Rostand's opinion a romantic hero is a man named Cyrano who helps his friend Christian got the woman whom Cyrano really loves.

Cyrano De Bergerac is a romantic hero because he helps his friend Lugniere get out of alot of trouble. Cyrano said to Rocanne, "I was playing again at the Prte de Nesle" (123) Cyrano was not playing he was fighting against a mob who wanted to kill his friend Lignere for writing a poem about De Guiche which wasnt very nice. Cyrano is a very brace man who is very loyal to his friends. Curano shows his loyalty again by helping Christian make a plan to get Rocanne to fall in love with Christina. Curano wrties very well so he writes Rocanne love letters but shigens them in Christinas name because Christina bevomes nervouse and hittery in frome ot women and dosent know what to say to them.

When Cyrano writes his words come form the heart because he is really in love with roxanne but he thinks his appearance is too ugly and rocanne only likes men with good appearance. Rocanne said to christian, "and it displeases me! as it would displease me if you became ugle" Curano has a lot of guts to express his true feelings to rocanne though someone else. he must have felt some guilt for tricking roxanne to fall in love witha man who isnt as she thinks he is.

Cyrano writes to Rocanne all thought the war . he would cross evemy lives just to take the letters tot eh nearest town to deliver them. He ould risk his life just for her, that is how much he loves her. when christian is on his death bed cyrano writes roxanne a final letter saying goodbye. cyrano must have flet thst it was the end of there relationship also because hw wouoldnt be able to write to roxanne anymore. when roxanne gets the letter she is full fo grief and goes isnt mourning for a logn time and joins a nennery , a tragic thing happens to cyrano ager all this goes on, he is walking down the street and he gets hit in the head witha log while walking down the street. death comes to meet him but he hold it off. cyrano siad to rocanne, i was delayed by an untimely visit, am only acquatance , weve met on the battle field among other places i know wed meet agian some day but this wanst the time for it. (195) cyrano wetn to rocanne to see her one last time before he died, he fought off death just to see her. roxanne was so still cound up with herself that she couldnrt see he was dying untill she took out the least letter form christin and cyrano recited it perfectly the she realiced that it was him all along, writng to her. Rocanne told Vurano that she loved him ashe was sad that he had been silent for 14 years and not told her sooner the true way he felt for her. Rocanne lost the on mean she loved. twice.

cyrano was so brave and he tryly loved roxanne he was coommitedd to her untill the end, now that is a true romatnic hero. curano should have told roxanne that he loved her sooner because they might have had a guture together. roxanne shoudl have been able to tell that curano wrote those letters. she didnt see that the real man that she loved was right in front of her the whole time sending his undying love to ther though another man. it is to bad that htere are not more men like curano today who whould do all thet for a freind and a woman there he loves.