Romantic Love, displayed and dipicted in the movie "When Harry Met Sally." Also has discriptions of consummate love.

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Daryl Hughes

Are Harry and Sally Really in Love?

When Harry met Sally pheromones were flying through the air and they were forever damned to feel an attraction to one another, no matter what the situation or how much they chose to blind themselves toward what they felt for each other. This was the beginning of a romantic love and they progressed into this category further every time they met and with each meeting they were closer to the ultimate love that would end up consuming them. Harry meeting Sally symbolized a few steps that people go through in a relationship.

There are seemingly three main factors that can be user to describe love which are: Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. These three factors control whether a relationship is a simple liking, empty love, or the ultimate consummate love. What stage a relationship is in and where is it going can't really be figured out but one can try to label the step that they are in and try to assume where they will be heading.

Intimacy is sometimes the first step in a relationship where the two people develop a bond of sorts, a respect it could be called where the two learn to hold each other in higher value and maybe truly care about each other's feelings. Intimacy is being able to truly start to value the person they are with or even being able to trust them enough with your problems.

Passion is too often the first step in a relationship and that might be the reason why so many relationships fail in this day and age. Passion is the physical side of the relationship, which includes basically the romance and the sex. The hungry passionate nights of lovemaking or even the...