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To Asra by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a lyrical sonnet written in iambic pentameter; with a rhyme scheme of a, b, a, b, c, d, c, d, e, f, e, f, g, g. He also uses Metaphors and similes. This sonnet a love letter written to Asra. The writer is expressing his unconditional and everlasting love for her using all these literary devices. This poem has a positive tone, expressing love and happiness.

This poem is a love letter to Asra; the writer at first questions him self then addresses her, like if there were not enough he could do for her. He continues the letter, glorifying her as if she were a goddess. He expresses his deep emotion for her and thorough out the whole poem and closes with " Thy lot, methinks, were Heaven, thy age, Eternity!"(Ln 14) He closes with this saying that even in heaven their love would last through all of eternity.

Coleridge's use of literary devices not only serves as the structure of the poem, but as a tool he utilizes which make his work authentic of to the time period. The use of the metaphor in this poem is reflective of the writer's emotion and great feeling to Asra. "Could I transmute the whole to one rich Dower Of Happy Life"(Ln 12-13) He will forever love her and wants to share happiness with her forever.

His use of Similes makes his poem truly part of the time period. "Like vernal waters springing up through show, this love that seeming great beyond the power of growth."(Ln 9-11) here he is comparing his endearing love to spring waters. This simile makes this poem truly part of the time period because during the romantic period the human body and emotion was greatly associated with nature. This simple and effective combination use of nature shows the positive tone of the poem.

The tone of the poem is a great part of the poem. He writes this loving and emotional love letter to this woman expressing his joy and happiness to be with her. This poem has positive and happy tone because of the diction that Coleridge chooses and the way he choose to use these words This poem is an authentic piece form the romantic time period. Coldridge uses iambic pentameter, metaphors, tone and diction, and similes that cleverly associates human with nature which is reflective to the time period making this love letter all the more passionate and true.