Romas in Hungary

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Six Percent

Most people in Hungary would agree on the fact that the dark or tanned skin indicates good

health, fastidiousness and maybe even welfare. However, these markings would immediately

change if it would be indicated that this skin is possessed by a Roma person. Unfortunately,

prejudice and discrimination are realities that virtually all Gypsies must learn to face-and live

with in Hungary. According to modern liberal perception, everyone has the right to form an

opinion of issues dealing with the race problem and ethnic questions. However, this personal

right continuously raises the problem of discrimination, and there is a lack of effort made to

end prejudice and racism.

The negative discrimination of the Roma people living in Hungary does not derive directly

from the skin color as the example shows it in the introduction. Darker skin is only a

characteristic of this ethnic group's physical appearance. The reasons for discriminating

Romas arises from more complex roots.

One of the main sources of anti-Gypsy attitudes is

the lack of knowledge and the misunderstanding of Romas. One of the main fuels of

discrimination against Gypsies in Hungary is provided by the media. It requires very little

effort on the part of those writing for the popular press to consult the existing sources and

come up with material of their own without ever approaching Gypsy agencies or people for

information. Most of those who write about Gypsies base their creations on the works of other

non-Gypsies without ever checking the real facts. Despite the great responsibility that

journalists have in transmitting information to the public, with very few exceptions the media

continues to misinterpret Gypsies and perpetuates negative false stereotypes. Negative images

about the Gypsies are shown by the media everyday. Unfortunately, not until recently the

Gypsies were lacking an access to...