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ROMEO AND JULIET Juliet reflects her changes in her feelings during a particular episode, for example in the first paragraph she talks about how good looking Romeo is and that she compares him with the stars in the sky. She also talks about whether she has been passionate, honest, innocent, generous to him.

However, in the next paragraph when the nurse comes running in shouting Romeo's name and shouting the words he's dead, he's dead, this puts Juliet in a shock because the nurse is not speaking properly and she keeps mentioning these words continuously. Form the nurse's words Juliet believes Romeo is dead, but what the nurse was really trying to say was that Romeo has killed Tybalt. In the next few lines, Juliet now thinks that Romeo has suicide. However, because of her young age, she is going to show more emotions and react more strongly towards the changes in her love life because this is her main priority in life.

Juliet's feeling have changed now from being very romantic and passionate about Romeo in the start but now she is in shock and showing many emotions. Juliet then finds out that not Romeo but Tybalt is dead instead and she mentions "God save the mark", meaning may god forgive me for mentioning so horrible a matter, and gets very angry with her self. She is so angry that she wishes that all the bad things she said about Romeo being dead that they happen to her instead.

On the next page Juliet is very upset and she bursts out with oxymoron's in her amazed, suffering and shattered expectations at the clear violent contradiction between Romeo's outer appearance and his spirit.

Juliet's major change in her feelings is when she accuses that all men are the same. They all brake promises. "No faith, no honesty in men". Juliet still cannot believe that Romeo has killed Tybalt.

Again, Juliet's feelings change this time she is happy that Tybalt is dead instead of Romeo, but she is also very upset that Romeo has been 'banished'. She mentions: "Hath slain ten thousand Tybalt's. Tybalt's death" meaning the word "banished" is much far worse than the death of one Tybalt. Juliet loves Romeo so much. But she is so shocked after hearing Romeo's banishment that she mentions that Tybalt's death is equal to the deaths of Father, Mother, Tybalt, Romeo and herself.

In the next page, I can see the change to perseverance and action in Juliet's words is emphasised by rhyme. I can see that Juliet's feelings change quite rapidly from being very passionate, romantic to being frightened. This is because she is quite young and in this young age, her main priority in life is to be with Romeo. This is why she is showing many emotions and reacting very quickly to the changes in her love life.