Romeo and Juliet.

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For hundreds of years the world has had conflicts over power, greed and even survival. These conflicts can become a big issue and sometimes lead to war. It is only a matter of time before there will be apocalyptic results. These conflicts between men are demonstrated in many novels and in other literature. Walter Van Tilburg Clark is the author of the story about four men who have to start their lives over and make the best of the situation after an apocalypse. There are very effective setting descriptions, used to demonstrate the dark, gloomy theme. Clark develops theme through two key things, the explanation of the night and the use of elements of the setting to foreshadow events. The story indicates how humans are doomed to a dismal, primitive future where the same mistakes are repeated over and over again.

In "The Portable Phonograph" the author's portrayal of the night suggests the dark, dismal future of mankind.

Specific words right at the beginning show how the world has changed. The author tells the reader about the night sky, with "the red sunset, with narrow, black cloud strips like threats across it" (126). The colours of the red sunset and the black clouds create an almost evil picture of the sky. Also, the author uses the word threats that lead the reader to think that bad things have happened. He goes on to tell more about the land, how "A queer sensation of torment...arose from the stillness of the earth beneath the violence of the upper air" (126). Very dark words are used like torment to give off the stories theme. Near the end of the explanation of the outdoor setting, the author writes how the "air was still and cold, and in it settled mute darkness and greater...