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International or foreign aid is the transfer of money, goods, skills or food from a developed nation to a developing nation. It is in Australia's interest to assist neighbouring countries and to address their development problems in order to uphold human rights, strengthen international relations, increase National Security and to create new international markets for business. The Timor Sea Treaty established in 2003 between Australia and East Timor is based on international bilateral aid that benefits both countries. Under the treaty the resources in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) that borders the international waters of East Timor and Australia are to be exploited jointly, with 90 per cent of the revenue going to East Timor and 10 per cent to Australia. This will significantly increase economic inflow for East Timor and opens up future options for trade and joint-project agreements.

Official Development Assistance (ODA) is the term used to describe Government Aid.

Examples of Non-Government Organisations (NGO's) include the Christian Children's Fund, World Vision and CARE Australia. Under the terms of the Treaty on Development Cooperation (2000), Australia agreed to maintain a large bilateral program of foreign aid to Papua New Guinea.

Cultural means relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society and intellectual achievements. A cultural advantage of Australia's foreign aid is the fact that volunteers and Government officials strengthen international relations. Australia's role as a donor is globally recognised and it causes Australia to be seen as a caring neighbor. ODA to Indonesia includes the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Reconstruction and Development, which was announced by the Australian government in 2005 following the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Acts of compassion like this cause other countries to view Australia's citizens as a people who uphold human rights and support others. This encourages multinational...