Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

When we first meet Romeo in the beginning of this novel by William Shakespeare he is depressed, and in a lonely state of mind. Romeo is feeling this way because his love, Rosaline, did not love him back. Romeo thought he was in love with Rosaline so when she took a vow of chastity, and rejected Romeos affection, he was shattered. Benvolio, a close friend of Romeo, tells him he has to try and forget Rosaline, by looking for someone else who will return his affection. Romeo does not think it will be possible to accomplish this because to him no one will ever compare to the beauty of Rosaline. Romeo took a negative view in everything, is his state of misery.

This all changes when Romeo is met with Juliet. He forgets about the love he once had for Rosaline and becomes madly besotted with Juliet.

He was passionate, and it was like love at first sight. Before Juliet meets Romeo, she never really had an understanding of true love. She always was the uninterested girl, until she meets Romeo, and falls in love with him as well. You can tell that Romeo has this love for the idea of being in love. In addition, when Juliet returns his fondness, he is overjoyed with finally getting the response he had hoped for.

The love he encountered with Juliet ran deeper than it ever ran with Rosaline, he was truly happy. However, when Romeo came to the conclusion that he and Juliet cannot be together, he did not give up on trying.

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