Romeo and Juliet

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Ela Rizvanovic

Mrs. Milligan

Advanced English 10B-2

2 April 2014

I can't really think of a house or room, so instead I will write about my brother Allie. Allie had bright red hair, and was left handed. You know how people with red hair are supposed to be mean and mad all the time? Well that was the complete opposite with Allie! He was the nicest, sweetest, and most intelligent brother. Every night at dinner time he'd start laughing about something he thought of, and almost fall outta his chair! God I loved that kid and I still do. I started playing some golf when I was ten years old. I remember this one time in the summer while I was teeing off; every time I would turn, I saw Allie sitting on his bike watching me. Allie on the other hand, used to love playing baseball. He owned this left-handed fielder's mitt.

It was brown and sort of worn out. The most special thing about that baseball mitt was the poems on it written in green ink. Allie wrote them on there so that he would have something to read when he was in the field and nobody was up at bat. Every now and then when I miss him, I pull out the baseball mitt and read the poems on it. When I was 13 years old, I heard the news that Allie died of leukemia. I did not know much about the cancer, but I knew it was bad. On that very same night I slept in the garage and broke all the stupid windows with my fist for the hell of it. It was so bad that my parents were going to have me psychoanalyzed. My hand still sort of hurts to this day, and...