Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet

How Does Shakespeare utilise poetry and poetic language in his play, Romeo & Juliet ? Comment on its effectiveness

Romeo And Juliet is an inspiring piece of poetry by Shakespeare. This play is very unique in the way Shakespeare has inserted poetic language to deepen the meaning of his play. Romeo and Juliet is not your typical love story, where the two main characters live happily ever after. It is the exact opposite, where these two can not live without the other. When Romeo died, Juliet could not face her life without him, so she as well killed herself. In this play there are many different themes such as Tragedy when Romeo and Juliet die as well as many other main characters. Shakespeare has included Sonnets into his play like the famous Queen Mab speech spoken by Mercutio. Finally there is a significant amount of poetry spoken by the two lovers.

There may be other key points but these three stand out the most.

Shakespeare has added many themes into Romeo & Juliet but Tragedy is a prominent theme here. The text starts off in a humorous way but that theme is slowly slipping away, and that is where Tragedy comes in. It all starts of with the death of Romeo's best friend Mercutio who is killed by Tybalt, Mercutio's death angers Romeo making Romeo kill Tybalt. Romeo is now banished and Juliet is deeply saddened by this loss making her want to kill herself "chain me with roaring bears, or hide me nightly in a chranel-house" (Act 4 Scene 1 80-81), but with the Friar Lawerence's help they devise a plan. Juliet fakes her death so that she could escape from Verona and enter Manuta with Romeo. Romeo fails to hear about the faking bit in...