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4 April 2014 CLARITY

It's all About Fate

While individuals face unlucky and hopeless outcomes, they wonder if those happen because of lack of the responsibility or because the power of fate made that way. Before individuals blame their wrong decisions, they fear the presence of fate which they could not fight against because it is impossible to manipulate and absolute control. In William Shakespeare's romantic drama The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, fate controls their actions, time, and place of the individuals. Romeo and Juliet unexpectedly fall in love, but they have to hide their relationship from society since the hatred between both households continues generation after generation. Personal responsibility is the main reason that contributes to Romeo and Juliet's dead. Fate is also one of the prime factor as well. With all efforts that fight against fate, Romeo and Juliet have to die because fate has determines that their union becomes a "death-marked love" (1.

Prologue 9). However, Romeo and Juliet have been choosing to sacrifice to force the family of Montague and Capulet to make peace. {Fate plays a key role in life of the individuals while personal responsibility does not. No matter how much affect in individual blames personal responsibility or reproach others failure due the tragic outcome, their grief and regret has nothing to do because fate decides everything that they must encounter}. Since fate has already decided everything that happens to the individuals, they have no choice to be prisoners of fate even if they experience a sense of the outcome. [Fate knows that Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love instantly even before all the tragedy happen all because they are "star-crossed lover" (1.prologue 6),