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October 19th, 2014

Maryam Hussain

The Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note

"Unexpected Confessions"

Character List

KEN: Ken is described as a young adult, around the age of eighteen but could be mistaken as much younger due to his short physique. He has a stocky built that makes him appear as a hard core athlete in either baseball or football. Ken has light blonde hair that is in a buzzed cut, army style and dark grey eyes that almost seem blue in the sunlight. Ken has a slightly dark tan all year proving that he is more of an outdoor person. Ken is also very good at masking his emotions thus proving how long it took for all his friends to figure out about his suicidal thoughts. Ken is a person with little patience and can be easily annoyed when interrupted with his own work exposing his strong determination. However, Ken also values his privacy and makes sure that whatever he does wouldn't hurt his friends proving why he didn't confess about his suicidal attempts thinking that it would make them worried and sad.

In this scene ken is wearing a dark blue navy shirt and blue jeans with a worn out and a slightly torn pair of white sneakers.

BEEBEE: BeeBee is a very open minded and carefree type of person. This is shown in the play when Jake states that she talks to spirits on the walls and changes the color of her hair often. BeeBee is the type of person that is true to their word which is shown when she refused to spill Ken's secret to Jake. She has values of dedication of her work and care for others when they are in need. This is proven when she chose to work at the Crisis...