Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

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Oh, I'm fortune's fool! Banished from Verona? Not able to see my dearest Juliet? I've only been married to her for an hour! And now, I'm banished away from her, forever! How could I live without her? How could I live without my bright angel? Oh, a curse it is! Banishment is torturing me to death! How could I live without Juliet? I would rather die! Heaven is here, where Juliet lives. The prince has shown no mercy to me! How is it that every cat, dog and little mouse, every unworthy animals that lives inside these walls may see her, but I, Romeo may not! Even flies are more honourable and better suited for romance than I! They can take hold of Juliet's wonderful white hand and they can kiss her sweet lips. But Romeo can't kiss her or hold her hand because he's been banished. Flies can kiss her, but I must flee the city. Flies are like free men, but I have been banished. Call this mercy? Oh, this is doom's day! Being alive is like living in hell! ! Just last night, the world seemed like a beautiful place, by the brightness of my dear angel. Juliet is the light to my heart, I cannot live without her, I'll be blind! Only this morning we had married and as sweet as honey. Is love so short lived? Is it wrong to love my dear Juliet? Why has this happened, why must I part with my beloved Juliet? Oh why, oh why, oh why? ! Juliet's brightness has captivated me like a moth towards a burning flame. Did my heart love till now? Last night, she stood out from the rest like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear. Touching her made me pure. Oh, she doth...