"Romeo and Juliet" and "West Side Story"

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"West Side Story" and "Romeo and Juliet" are basically a movie and a book about unlucky lovers from two different families. In the case of West Side Story, Maria is a young woman from a Puerto Rican family that has a brother in a gang called the Sharks. Tony is an American who has separated himself from his past gang, the Jets.

In "Romeo and Juliet", Juliet comes from a royal family, the Capulets. Romeo comes from another royal family, the Montagues. These two stories have a basic thing in common. In the "West Side Story" the Sharks and the Jets hate each other. In "Romeo and Juliet" the Capulets and the Montagues hate each other. Romeo and Juliet takes place during the Renaissance period in Verona, Italy. As in the West Side Story it takes place in America. The theme and the moral in both stories are the same which demonstrates no matter what happen the love ones can never be separated.

Looking back on the details of the play "Romeo and Juliet", it's safe to conclude that the movie West side story can contribute many aspects that are being portrayed in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet, Maria and Tony both meet in a party that the Capulets were having. It was like love in first sight. They both feel in love without even knowing each other.

In the book Juliet was the only child but in the movie Maria has a brother, which wants to start a fight with Tony seeing him with his sister.

We come to true 100% pure love. When Romeo meets Juliet, he knows that she's different. Love changes people,

Romeo became a more passionate, eager person and Juliet became more independent. Most importantly, love...