Romeo and Juliet- Dear Abby letter

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Dear Abby, ! I am in such a mess right now. I can't tell you who I am, for that would get me into even more trouble than I already am in, but I will try my best to describe the situation I'm in. ! For generations, my family and another family of similar standing in our town had been sworn enemies, and even to this day, this feud continues. For the past five years, our families have been involved in a total of three street brawls, so it's safe to say that we aren't on good terms at all. ! A while after the third brawl, my father decided to engage me to a powerful man, whom I will call CP, They threw a party, where I was supposed to fall in love with or at least acknowledge CP, but instead, I met R, the very person who got me into this mess. ! R was the son of the patriarch of our rivaling family. He snuck in the party to seek my second cousin, the girl he thought he loved, but as soon as we met, we fell in love. We decided to keep it unknown to our families, and met in secrecy for a while, before deciding to get married. It wasn't a traditional marriage, I'll give you that, but it was conducted by a priest in a church and it was with the man I loved, so it was good enough for me. ! But then, my cousin, T, whom I love deeply, found out that R snuck into the party and was enraged. He challenged him into a duel, but R refused, so his best friend accepted the duel on his behalf, but was killed by my cousin, who was then killed...