Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Lurhman- Analysis of symbols shown in the film

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Luhrmann uses water as a representation of love. The water is a recurring image and representation of baptism and rebirth. It symbolizes the start of a new life together and cleansing. Romeo and Juliet's first encounter incorporates water as the two lovers gaze at each other through a fish tank which serves as a physical barrier between the two lovers, even though there are also a lot of emotional barriers. Romeo later submerges his head under water in an attempt to return to his usual self after being dazed from the drug and the free, flowing nature of water cleanses his mind. For Romeo and Juliet the pool serves as a medium that distances them from the "real" world and the water joins them together as one. In the water, their love for each other and anything else is possible. Their love for one another is cleansing and water is the unique image used to help show this purity, depth and magnitude of their love.

Although water is used as a symbol of rebirth it is also is used to symbolize sorrow and misfortune. In the scene where Tybalt is killed by Romeo, he falls into the water while a heavy rainfall occurs at the same time. Here, water is associated with the disastrous tragedy that has just happened and the even more misfortunate events yet to unfold.

Romeo and Juliet's rings are used to symbolize their love for each other. On the ring, the words "I love thee" are carved which displays the strong, passion they have for one another. The ring is a very appropriate and effective way of presenting their love as it is in the shape of a circle, which displays the image of their love going in circles that will never have an end.