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Romeo and Juliet media essay

Both films appeal to different audiences; luhrman's film appeals more to a modern day audience. Instead of lurhman trying to make the film look as if it was set in the year it was made, like zeffereli has done, lurhman set it in modern day u.s.a. Tomake the film appeal to twentieth century audience Lurhman has used fireworks, drugs and elaborate sets lurhman also uses gun fights instead of sword fights. It appeals more to a audience around the ages of 15-25.

Zeffereli's version is set in the sixteenth century, and he has tried to recreate how it would have looked when it was first performed. He has done this by using traditional clothing, lighting, music and props. This version seems to appeal more to people in their mid thirties and older, as it is much calmer than lurhman's version.

Zeffereli uses costumes to make the film seen as if it was set in the sixteenth century, whereas luhrman has put more importance into the costumes and used them as a form of symbolism.

In the masked ball scene the characters costumes seem to symbolise their personalities. Romeo is wearing a knight's armour which symbolises protection and in a sense he is saving Juliet from Paris. Juliet is dressed as an angel with white wings, which symbolises purity and innocence. It could also be connected with the theme of stars and fate, and Juliet's death. Capulet's costume shows his power in society and over his family. It shows that he is the rich and powerful boss who must be respected and obeyed. Tybalt is wearing a devil costume which gives the audience an idea of his cruelty and wickedness. The devil is known to have evil characteristics, and is thought to ruin people's lives. In...