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Recent events in the Italian town of Verona have drawn the eyes and ears of many people. Two lovers kill themselves, in one man's attempt to stop a feud that is older than time itself. Many lives have been lost in civil brawls erupting from this household war, and yet it was allowed to go on without legal consequence. If only some action had been taken. If we only learned from our mistakes, if only. A treaty, or an agreement between such families could have very simply prevented such a tragedy. Without futuristic knowledge, it may be hard to prevent such things from beginning, but to stop it from happening again, that is different. As for the two lovers, I believe the circumstances were exceptional. Such tragedies in the future cannot be easily avoided, without a great deal of investigation.

After the first civil battle, some rule should have been imposed upon the population of Verona.

After the second, it is remarkable that no law was passed. Not until the third civil brawl was any authoritative action taken. It took three fracases to finally rouse the Prince to do something, and something he did. He established that the next man to start such a ruckus would be put to death. Of course, when Mercutio challenged Romeo, he did die, but by Romeo's hand. And for that, Romeo was banished. In a way, the law saved the lives of civilians, but ended up costing Romeo and Juliet their lives. You fix one thing, and you break another. Only communication was at fault. Romeo's poor communication with Fryer Lawrence (which was due to the ill timing of the plague) ended up costing both their lives as well. Some may see it as the plan of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

If the...