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It is believed that the almighty God controls everyone's destiny, but it is also true that individuals are capable of shaping up their own fate with their behaviour and actions. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, they young lovers were victims of their own impulsive actions. The lead characters were impatient and did not think before jumping to conclusions. Their carelessness is seen when Romeo and Juliet get married even though their families are at feud. The young blood of the men from both sides and their attitudes lead to street violence, and Romeo forgets to get all the information about Juliet's death and her attraction was too strong for him to delay his suicide. Their impulsive actions and not fate or destiny leads to their unfortunate end to the young and passionate lovers.

Although it may seem that fate led to Romeo and Juliet's death and some may argue that the circumstances were beyond the lovers' control, however, it is evident that the latter's impulses played a rather prominent role in their unfortunate death.

With their hormones kicking in and the charm possessed by both teenagers, Romeo and Juliet fell for each other in just their first encounter. The young and immature lovers continue to see each other even after learning about the feud between their families. The two teenagers are too much in love to think or care about anything else. In addition to their forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet jump into marriage. Without thinking about the consequences of their actions, the two lovers bond in a rather permanent and legitimate relationship. To make the matter worse, their marriage is hidden from the world. Romeo and Juliet have the impression that it is necessary to keep their actions a secret, but what they are forgetting is that this...