Romeo And Juliet Film Comparison

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Romeo and Juliet Film Comparison There are many differences between the two films. They range from obvious ones like the setting and characters to small details like different parts missing, different manner of speech. Only the lines they say and the plot stay relatively the same.

A clear difference between the two films is the setting of the films. The old film was set in Verona, with old-fashioned costumes giving the film a medieval feel, conveying to us some idea to what it was like during Shakespeare's times. The other however, was totally different. The movie was portrayed in a very modern manner. It was filmed in the United States with guns and cars replacing swords and horses. The clothes were also modern.

The characters were also modified a little; for example, there was no prince in the modern version. Instead, the police was used. Mercutio, Romeo's best friend becomes a lot wilder.

Tybalt becomes a lot more aggressive unlike the old movie where it was mostly his friends who urged him on. Father Laurence is also very different. He is a lot more active and energetic that the character from the old movie, with colorful bright clothes, participating in a church, and managing a large herb garden. Romeo and Juliet's characters are relatively the same in both movies, except the modern Romeo is probably not as romantic but more attractive.

The modern version of the movie is also a lot more violent and action packed. A few lines were also left out, especially the boring ones. This is because it's a movie and if it is had nothing special or is boring no one would want to watch it.

There are also some differences in the plot. Both films don't have the scene where Romeo kills Paris, which the...