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Romeo and Juliet

The Montagues and the Capulets are the two main families in the city of Verona and they have been at war for centauries and one day the montages come across a Capulet messenger with an invitation to a Capulet ball. Romeo and his friends decide to gatecrash their party they enter as masked people ,Romeo who is supposedly in love with rosaline meets Juliet and falls in love, while he is talking to her one of the Capulet recognise his voice but decides not to do anything because he will spoil the party. The next day Romeo sneaks into the orchard and they decide to get married. Juliet's maid meets Romeo and tells Juliet to go to Friar Lawrence's cell and they are married. On his way home Romeo is challenged to a fight by tybalt Romeo resists but his friend benvolio goes ahead but tybalt kills benvolio then Romeo takes all of his anger out on tybalt and kills him then Romeo is banished by the prince of Verona.

Soon after Juliet's parents try to make her marry Paris so she takes a sleeping drug from friar Lawrence who was going to send a letter to Romeo telling him of their plan to fake her death but the letter does not get to him and he hears of Juliet's death so he goes to see her him is so sad and angry that he kills himself at her tomb but just then wakes and sees him commit suicide so she does the same their parents and family realise what has happened but all to late so they agree to stop fighting.