"From Romeo and Juliet to the Present"

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On July 1st, 1567 I went into the time machine that a professor built for me. I chose the year 2000 for the year I was going to. When I did the time travel I ended up in Washington, D.C, the capital of this country called the United States of America. When I got out of the time travel machine, I noticed some big differences in the way things were. After being in Washington for a week, I noticed many differences and also some similarities between my home, Verona in the 16th century, and America in the 20th century.

Back in Verona, many people used their spare time to go see a play being put on at a theater. But in America, the people don't even have to leave their house. They have a television, and they can just push a button and pictures appear on a screen.

Not only that, but they can also choose between many different things to watch. Another difference I found is the sports that the people enjoy. In the 16th century, fencing was the sport that everyone watched and played because it helped you train for real fights. In the 20th century people watch football and basketball. These games don't help you train for anything. Another difference is that these Americans get around in a very strange way. The have cars, which are big metal moving machines that can take you places very fast. They must go 10 times as fast as the horses we had to ride back in Verona.

I have also noticed some similarities between the 16th and 20th century. Here in Washington, D.C, they have parties with a lot of people showing up to a house just like they did back in Verona. The only difference...