Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

By: Adam Muha

In Romeo and Juliet, many of the plays main characters are comic in nature. In times of grief and hardship the comic characters have their moments to shine to somewhat lighten the load. For a brief moment we see Capulet presenting comic relief while preparing for the wedding. The nurse throughout the play supplies comic relief in intimate moments with Juliet, using light humorous gestures and jokes; the most comical character however is Mercutio. He is unlike Capulet because he is intentionally humorous, and he is unlike the Nurse because he entertains large groups with enormous humorous jokes and gestures, and he pokes fun at Romeo's depression, and love for Rosaline. These three characters in their own way supply almost all the comic relief in the play. Though it comes at moments of stress and aggravation it is always inserted into the play with immense thought behind it.

The first character, Capulet, who supplies humour does it in a more unintentional fashion then the other two humorous characters, and supplies it for a brief moment in the play. In the early morning of Juliet's wedding day we see Capulet seeing to the preparations for his daughters wedding. He becomes immersed in caterers, musicians, maids, and every other person involved in the wedding. He scrambles around frantically seeing to this and seeing to that. Even after his behaviour and actions that we have seen you can't help but be amused as this bumbling frustrated man frantically prepares for his daughters wedding. It almost shows us that he really does care about his daughter.

The second character, the Nurse, is constantly light hearted, easy going, and humorous. She uses her humour to cheer up Juliet on several occasions. We first see the Nurse...