Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet I think that the people that is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo. I think is him because he is the one that had started the problem when he and his friends went to the Caplets.

Romeo was in love with Rosalynn then he went to the party to find a new love which he did and it was Juliet. When he falls in love with her.

At the party tyble don't agree that a montugue should be at a Caplets party. Then his uncle tells tyble that it will be fine. Then Romeo kisses Juliet. Then Juliet falls madly in love with Romeo. The party was over so Romeo left but some how he wound up in the garden below Juliet's balcony. Juliet was blaben her head off of how much she loves Romeo why Romeo was under the balcony. Then he broke his silence.

When Romeo breaks his silence Juliet gets all butt hurt that some one was listing to her conversation that she was having with her self. Then she finds out that is was Romeo and they start kissing over the balcony until morning. Over that time of the night they decided to get married which that would cause a real problem.

The next day tyble was looking for Romeo because he was not happy that Romeo was at the Caplets party. Why Tyble was looking for Romeo. Romeo was getting married to Juliet. Then in town tablet found mecucio to find out where Romeo was. Then Romeo shows up and tell tyble that he can't fight him because he loves him.

Then tyble kills mechio that makes Romeo so he kills tyble. That caused a real problem for the family so they had to prince to see what he is going to do for justice. So the Prince banished Romeo from verona. After Romeo was no where to be found Juliet was going to be forced to marry Paris which see did not want to do. So she went and got a poison that only knock her out. Her family thought that she was dead so they put her in the tomb. Then word got to Romeo's women was dead. So he got poison to kill him self so he could be with Juliet, but he did not know she was only knock out.

When he was at the tomb Paris say him breaking in the tomb so Romeo and him got in to a fight and Romeo killed him. Then he said his good-byes to Juliet drank the poison and fell to the floor dead as a door knob. The poison wares off on Juliet she wakes up and see her man on the flour dead so she kills her self this time. So she is really dead.

I think that is was Romeo fault because he is the one that stared the problem. Then he got mechio killed from going to the Caplets party. Then in anger Romeo kills Tyble. Which that cause him to be banished from town. When he hears that Juliet is dead he go to say his goodbye. When he was doing that he killed Paris. Then kills his self. When Juliet see this she kills herself with the dagger.

So see if Romeo never fell in love with Juliet none of these problems would of happened. Like all of the people that got killed. That is why I think that is was Romeo because he fell in love.