Romeo n Juliet - Age and Youth do not go side by side

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Romeo and Juliet has always been considered as an epic of love, and the only reason for this is the magnificence of their love. Unfortunately, it lasted only for a small epoch. However, their love story is considered as a tragedy as they die, leaving their love story incomplete. This was simply because of their impulsiveness. They followed their hearts and disregarded rational thoughts.

It is often seen that age and youth do not go hand in hand. As people grow, old and experienced, they know what life is all about and make wiser decisions. On contrary, youngsters behave in a very different manner. They are very reckless and very impulsive while making their decisions. Their responses can be predicted and they are quite bound to make misjudgments.

This is also displayed in the story of Romeo and Juliet. All the youngsters in the story are very impulsive and reactive; the only exception is Benvolio.

He is calm and sensible and behaves in a proactive manner. He is one of those people who does not allow his emotions rule over his reasons. He is a peace loving person and avoids disputes with the Capulets which Tybalt and Mercutio love having. This is best demonstrated in the opening scene of the play when he says," Part, fools! / Put up your swords; you know not what you do." Tybalt is from the Capulet family while Mercutio is Romeo's friend and hence, on the side of the Montagues. These two cannot withstand the very presence of any member or relative of the other family. This gives us a good idea of the hatred the two households bear against each other.

This hatred for each of the other family is what compels these youngsters to make instant decisions. The depth of this feud...