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Romero Character Assignment Oscar Romero was born in Ciudad Barrios in East El Salvador on 15 August 1917. He was the second of seven children. He decided at thirteen to enter the priesthood.

Romero was an extremely loyal and dedicated man. He was willing to try absolutely everything in his power to help the people of El Salvador although he knew that his life was at risk every minute. He was like a God to the poor people of El Salvador as he helped to build peace, courage, strength and a great sense of well-being - you could say he was like their security blanket.

"I am bound, as a pastor, by divine command to give my life for those whom I love, and that is all Salvadorians, even those who are going to kill me." - Romero This quote from Romero was published in a newspaper just weeks before his assassination.

His words show the strength of the love he held for everyone including the people who called themselves his enemies.

Initially Romero was a quiet, unassuming pastor with a conservative temperament who held equally conservative views. The church viewed him as being safely orthodox and an unlikely candidate to become a martyr for the freedom cause. He became an outspoken critic against the violence of the army death squads. He refused to be silenced as he continued to preach even though he had received death threats. His views became radical in his fight for justice, peace and fullness of life for his people.

In February 1977 at the age of 60, Romero became Archbishop of San Salvador. In that same month a crowd of protestors at an illegal gathering were attacked by soldiers in the town square killing more than 70 people. Killings and attacks such as...