Romoe and Juliet third civil brawl

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"Third Civil brawl"

Brawling between the Capulets and the Montagues disturbed the peace of Verona's streets once more yesterday afternoon due to a Capulet biting his thumb at a Montague. Two Capulet servants were walking in the streets of Verona, when they spotted Montagues. They approached them and bit their thumbs, resulting in a quarrel. Prince Escalus told reporters " if anyone disturbs the peace in the streets in Verona again they will be punished with death. Mrs. Francesca saw Benvolio draw his sword in an attempt to stop the comfrontation , Tybalt drew his sword, Benvolio tried to explain the Tybalt that he was just merely trying to keep the peace, but Tybalt expressed his hatred for all Montagues and attacked. This brawl was similar to the first two. Containing the Montagues and the Capulets, but the first brawl started with an insult to a Montagues mother, leading to a brutal and UN called for fight between the two feuding families.

Last night the Capulets hosted one of the best parties of the year. Guest say it was the best party the Capulets have hosted for centuries. The party lasted till late in the morning. People danced and sang, niebours say it was so loud they could heat it form miles away. Help wanted at the Montague house hold , must require reading skills and a knowledge of the town area.