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What I Have Lived For I have always been reminding myself about "What I have live for". This is an important question for everyone in this society, for it should determine whether that person will be good or evil, and the direction he/she is taking. Personally, I lived for finding true love, help the needy and power.

Seeking true love is my first priority, for it provides the most joy and relieves the loneliness deep inside me. I demand my partner to love me as much as I do to her; I want a partner who is willing to sacrifice as much as I would. In my opinion, love is the only thing that can stop the selfishness and sins we are committing. I hope I can find someone who will also think the way I do. If there is no existence of love, the world would be in chaos, and a free for all.

Helping the needy is also what I have lived for. Although I live in a world of prosperity, half of the world is suffering and struggling due to hunger and poverty. I seriously desire everyone in the world can taste the sweetness of prosperity. It makes me feel bad for knowing others are at the edge of life and death everyday while I am the enjoying the entertainment that is provided to me automatically. I feel that it is necessary to donate the needy as much as possible. Every little bit of money helps; even a nickel or a penny could help. The donations may not be able to save everybody, but even saving a few can benefit the future of this society along with our future generation. However, I cannot handle such responsibility, for I basically have lack of finance. I need a group of people, a nation or even the world to help; however, I am lacking the power to do so"¦ Seeking for power, is my final and ultimate purpose of existence. Most people believe that power can change a good person to evil, and even cause chaos and destruction. However, in my opinion, power can also be used for benefiting our society.

If I acquire power, I will help and donate as much as I can. Hopefully, other wealthy people will follow my direction. Hopefully, power can fulfill my dream.

My dreams, or what I have lived for seems to be millions of miles away from where I am and unreachable. However, "A tripe of million miles begins by a step:. What I should focus on currently should be education. Knowledge is power. By having power and knowledge, almost all that I desired can be achieved. I hope I can achieve these in my life span. May god have misery on the souls of the poor.