Ronald W. Reagan

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Ronald Reagan was one of the most accomplished men of his time. He accomplished his dream of being an actor. Then he became one of the greatest governor of California. But his greatest accomplishment was being the best president of our modern time. This essay will be proving that Reagan indeed was the greatest president ever! You will see all of his accomplishments proving how he really was the greatest president!Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 above the local bank in Tampico, Illinois. When he was born, his father thought that he looked like a Dutchman. He also thought he might be president one day “…When my father rank up the stairs and looked at his newborn son, he quipped: ‘He looks like a little fat Dutchman. But who knows, he might grow up to be president someday’” (Reagan). While Reagan;s mother was pregnant, his parents wanted to name him Donald, but one of his mother’s sisters already used that name for their son, so she named him Ronald.

He didn’t like the name Ronald, so he told everyone to call him Dutch, the nickname his father gave him. Reagan’s father was named John Edward Reagan. He was a great salesman; he could convince anyone to buy anything. His mother was Nelle Wilson Reagan. His parents were married in Fulton, Illinois about forty miles from Dixon, in 1904. When Reagan was a child, they moved a lot! His father was continually looking for a better life, so Ronald was always moving. In four years, he attended four different schools. When Reagan was two, he moved to Chicago where his father got a job as a shoe salesman. Less than two years in Chicago, Reagan’s father got a job offering at O.T. Johnson’s, a big department store...