"The Roof Prowler"

Essay by greentwirp63Junior High, 8th gradeA+, April 2004

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One Halloween night when the moon was full I looked out my window and saw a dark figure with glowing eyes on a neighbor's roof. I thought it was a cat, so I went outside to see it. As I got closer it started to look like a lizard, so I continued to slowly walk toward it. I was almost there when my mom made me go inside to eat dinner.

An hour later I looked outside but there was no sign of the creature, so I headed out to go find it. As I was searching I heard growling noises so faint that I couldn't tell where they were coming from. The chirps of crickets were overpowering the mysterious growls.

After searching for 20 minutes I decided to go home, but when I reached my driveway I saw the monster on my roof. It looked at me with its huge glowing eyes and jumped down from the rooftop. Then it opened its mouth and I saw its massive teeth and forked tongue. Drool was dripping out of its mouth and I could feel its hot breath. I tried to run inside, but the monster blocked my path no matter which way I turned. For a short moment I thought it would be a good idea to turn and run really fast, but by the time I thought it was a bad idea I was already being chewed up by the monster.